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Basic Memory Overclock Help


Understanding Memory Timings Your ram also uses a variety of timings to control how fast it operates, and it's important to understand these timings before overclocking your memory. Related Resources Does overclocking RAM make a difference? solved [1x8gb] ram or [2x4gb]ram which is better and does it make a difference? My experience thus far says if Prime95 will run stable, your system is stable. check over here

There are a lot of different settings we could play with, but for today we're just going to explain how the basic process works. I wrote this guide from my experience, but I had a lot of help from sites like overclockers.com, overclock.net, and hexus.net, to name a few. In addition, a look at the results from running Prime95 show the time to run a cycle of Prime95 has decreased by about 10% for the higher FSB. Prime95 did run stable at the higher FSB and provided me with an indication of the better performance of my machine, even with the CPU multiplier set at 9. http://www.masterslair.com/memory-ram-overclocking-guide-ddr3

How To Overclock Ram Ddr4

Will your machine behave in this manner? We're not done with the stress testing at this point, but before we continue, let's go over some strategies for getting the most out of your overclocked system (as a whole). Generally voltage increase must be limited to 8% to 10% of the max supported voltage according to EPP or XMP Profile and you must make sure that the chips on the

There are many reasons one might want to overclock, but in general, you'll get the most benefit if you're using your computer for CPU-intensive tasks, such as video encoding, 3D rendering, While i do know that the newer Trinity AMD APU's crave faster ram to help with game render and scaling. Maybe, maybe not. Gpu Memory Overclocking This will keep the CPU stable without having to increase its voltage {Vcore), an operation that we wish to delay and keep independent from the memory overclock.

Your entire answer depends on the Model, Make and initial speed (and timings) of the ram.Taking some old samsung DDR2 1333Mhz with CL11 timings to 1866Mhz with CL9 timings is inviting How To Overclock Ram Ddr3 And here's a quote from a wiki article : “in practice for DDR RAM Modules , it should be set to at least tRCD + tCAS + 2 to allow enough Some multipliers speed up the FSB reference speed for use by their component; for example, the CPU multiplier is typically greater than one - for an AMD XP 2100+, it is http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ram-overclocking-guide,4693.html Does overclocking make a difference in gaming?

since FSB is dead xD Jason I got a acer m5620. How To Overclock Ram In Bios Keep doing this until you hit one of the following road blocks: You hit your maximum DRAM voltage. If you're getting errors at this point, make sure your memory is running at its correct timings and voltage (as specified by your RAM manufacturer). You should go through the full process like everyone else, or you're going to have a bad time.Why Overclock?

How To Overclock Ram Ddr3

Surf those forums/threads for help. http://www.tweaktown.com/guides/6899/ddr4-memory-overclocking-report-beginners-guide/index.html PC133 SDRAM is an advancement of SDRAM allowing a doubling of the burst data rate and compatible with a 133 MHz FSB. How To Overclock Ram Ddr4 In other words, since the statistical distribution in the manufacturing process is skewed toward better-quality chips, odds are that your processor is better than its rated speed. Overclocking Ram Worth It We'll look at examples involving a fairly high-end motherboard (roughly $250), a $190 board, and a micro-ATX board that's priced around $140.

Its job is to store the RAM settings for different frequency and voltages. check my blog Once you think you've found your maximum frequency, you'll want to start running a stress test that's longer than 5 minutes, such as at least 1 full pass with Memtest86+. xStampedeOct 27, 2014, 12:06 PM I made a mistake 6 months ago when i builded my new rig(i7 4790), i bought crucial 2x4GB 1866mhz CL9 ram with the h97 asus motherboard We won't go into great detail on voltage changes or power issues, or examine the intricacies of memory timing. Ram Overclocking Software

Wird verarbeitet... Remember to do some outside reading; the sites mentioned at the beginning of this article have a ton of information contained within. The prime difference between DDR1 and DDR2 is that DDR2 can run its I/O bus clock twice the memory clock but with higher latencies and DDR2 has prefetch size of 4 this content Here are 2 results from my machine after I unlocked my CPU.

system crashes(unstable) during testing then loosen(increase) the timings. How To Overclock Ram Ddr3 1333 For VMware, does RAM speed make much difference? When you're done, click Stop, and move onto step two.Step Two: Raise Your Multiplier Now it's time to start overclocking.

A lot of memory comes boasting great overclockability (of course it's a word) but many builders are so keen on tweaking other components, they plum forget all about it.Whilst tweaking your

The various operations (for example graphics) are slaved to the clock. Thus for a FSB of 166 MHz, the memory speed would be 1.0*2*133 MHz which also produces the 333 MHz memory speed. Test, test, test. Dram Voltage Ddr4 The chips used on the DDR ram modules have different types of timings(Primary & Secondary) which give us a sense of the speed of ram along with its stability and rated

Optimizing Your System for the Highest Performance You've now found your maximum memory speed, but what if it requires a BCLK that's too high for your current cpu multiplier? Does it make speed difference? For example, PC 1600 = DDR200 = 1.6 GB/s PC 2100 = DDR266 = 2.1 GB/s PC 2700 = DDR333 = 2.7 GB/s PC 3200 = DDR400 = 3.2 GB/s Note http://internetbusinessdaily.net/how-to/autocorrect-feature-losses-memory.html Make sure that you leave your current cpu voltage ( vcore) at what it was before you started overclocking your memory, since we don't want to have to worry about the

BCLK tweaking You probably won't get past 2,133 MHz in the DRAM frequency menu because the options go up in such large chunks, but that's not the end of the road Anmelden Statistik Übersetzen 149.011 Aufrufe 1.385 Dieses Video gefällt dir? justasiiJun 24, 2014, 2:46 PM sedona said: If the CPU, motherboard, and memory kits are all rated at 1600MHz, ..... Wird geladen...

why am I seeing people talk about 2133MHz and 2240MHz memory speeds? Screenshot-1 shows SPD profiles of my RAM. If you use your computer to run standard desktop applications--office productivity apps, Web browsers, and so on--overclocking is not worthwhile, since the higher clock speeds won't deliver noticeably better performance.On the In fact, it's probably running at a slower speed than designed.

Photo editing and video transcoding are examples of these types of programs.Again, however, remember that the ultimate goal is speed with stability. On Current systems(CPU with IMC) its generally called VCCIO in most BIOSes. There's just one last thing to do: tighten the memory timings, which will allow your ram to run at its best (given its current frequency). It again majorly depends on the chips used for the modules.

Sorry if this is dumb question. please remember that.Links for the 3 programs needed are here below (windows 7 64bit, if you are on a different OS / 32-bit version you may need different versions of the Memory performance is very important to the overall performance of your overclock. This should give you a little extra room to overclock the memory at its current voltage.

For e.g. Yes, this takes a lot of time!You may wish to jump to 166 FSB once you've tested stock. (I believe that that is the point at which one or more multipliers Introduction To understand overclocking, you need to realize that there is a single clock which controls all operations made by the computer. Wenn du bei YouTube angemeldet bist, kannst du dieses Video zu einer Playlist hinzufügen.

We covered both of the main methods for overclocking your RAM: maximizing its frequency and tightening its timings. RDRAM: A slightly more expensive, yet top performing memory, exclusive to the Intel P4. Wird geladen...