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SearchCloudStorage Panzura controller, OS updates extend cloud options Panzura released its new Hybrid Cloud Controller model with a bigger cache, an improved operating system with enterprise features... Also in this topic Securing your IT system Security and anti virus software Your security plan Internet security Continuity planning and backup options Business data protection Buy and manage IT Purchasing For example, my rsync command goes something like this: rsync -az /home/jason/Documents /home/jason/Pictures /media/storage If I manually put in /home/jason/Documents and /home/jason/Pictures, the simulation run fails. Does the backup software include a snapshot capability either as an integrated component or an optional module that will let you take point-in-time copies of the data? weblink

And don’t go with someone who is going to burn you by adding tick-tack costs for every little plugin or additional hooz-a-whatzit. The issue is how well does the data in your environment deduplicate. Does it also support all the operating system environments you have and virtualized environments such as VMware? Related Content Guarding Your Offsite Chain-of-Custody: Whom Do You Trust? http://novabackup.novastor.com/blog/top-10-backup-software-questions-to-ask/

I tried to access those files but couldn't and finally did get to them by installing Ubuntu on another drive with the same username and password and I was able to The differences between hardware replication and software replication Is this the end for target deduplication storage appliances? https://t.co/U2RRE4CUWQ @_TechDonut Why smaller retailers should give #Apple #Pay the cold shoulder: https://t.co/Y5kM21Du2i @_TechDonut Follow us Newsletter SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER SITE LINKS Contact us / Feedback About FAQs Terms and conditions

Load More View All Get started Five questions to ask potential copy data management vendors What are some recent backup data deduplication advancements? NovaBACKUP 16 - The Virtual Backup Release That Bridges the SMB Gap Virtualization Glossary of Terms You Should Know One Comment: Kevin Judd September 18, 2014 at 10:53 am This article The differences between hardware replication and software replication Is this the end for target deduplication storage appliances? The capability to back up remote and branch offices is increasingly important for businesses who have remote locations without dedicated or skilled IT support.

Does it offer both local and online backup options? #5 Total Cost of Ownership – What is the total cost to protect your environment? SearchITChannel Can Unit4 ERP challenge the industry's heavyweights? If you're a Web hosting provider, does the backup solution integrate with your control panel? Even if you already have a solution in place, it may be worth doing a little research to determine if it is still the right solution for your business.

Backing up the data on your network is critical to the stability of your business. Can backups be managed remotely? Note: DCIG also has the following resources that are available for free with registration to help you make your buying decision. On the other hand, some providers may give you the generic, “as often as you’d like,” which should immediately raise some red flags.

Test your copy data storage management knowledge Load More View All ExaGrid Systems upgrades include global dedupe, Oracle RMAN Rubrik launches 'cloud time machine,' backup appliance ExaGrid expands in crowded backup Will my team be able to view our stored files remotely on demand? However since market conditions change, the information and recommendations are made without warranty of any kind. Hyper-converged platform configuration key to success in SMBs Big companies that must support hundreds of VMs and scale quickly are prime HCI customers, but small companies can buy a smaller ...

How long has the product been on the market? http://internetbusinessdaily.net/backup-software/backup-software-suggestions.html However five questions remain that they should ask and answer before selecting an appliance. He communicated to me that he is responsible for 75 servers and runs a Dell shop. Login SearchDataBackup SearchSolidStateStorage SearchConvergedInfrastructure SearchCloudStorage SearchDisasterRecovery SearchStorage SearchITChannel Topic Data reduction Topics View All Security Backup tools Disk backup Remote backup Tape backup Topics Archive Please select a category Topics Section

The question shouldn't be, “do you jive with my OS right now?” You've got to consider the potential for your own growth and expansion a year or two down the road, Submit Your password has been sent to: By submitting you agree to receive email from TechTarget and its partners. Your data should be encrypted at-source with strong encryption and a password only an authorized user knows before sending it to secure off-site data centers. http://internetbusinessdaily.net/backup-software/backup-software.html It is important to know the amount of time you need to set up and manage your backup service.

Though tape backups have gone from being the first line of defense to a secondary or even tertiary backup for many companies, cartridge tape sales have increased every year. 2. To be honest, I understand that it's easy to skip over some of the fundemendal steps of this decision when you have dozens of end-users breathing down your neck to provide Obviously, this is something that will come up at some point during your search, but it’s important to think about this question in a broader perspective than most people usually do.

Just because you're relying on Red Hat or Debian servers today doesn't mean that you won't expand outside that box in the future.

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Data should always be in the care of approved agents; a secure sign-in system should let you know when data are handed off or moved; and you should be able to It may challenge ... They remove the need to remember command switches, can save backup profiles and some of them will even schedule backups for you! this content But if (part of) your business is in a non-English country or region, you want your backup service in the native language of your IT staff to make the service easy

Second, backup appliances are licensed differently and while most include all licenses needed to protect the environment, some do have licensing limitations on how much data the backup appliance can protect. Does the software support remote management? Be sure the company you work with lets you mine your archives for file types, offers full and selective restoration, and delivers requested files quickly. 8. This should be your first question when you’re starting to hunt for a new backup service provider.

Does it backup and recover from geographically dispersed storage?