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Audigy 2 Sound Card Help. Mic Is Annoying.

View my complete profile Current Projects Hackberry Hollow Videos Original WorkVideo TutorialsFeatured Original WorkAesop's FablesTouch the TableCMC Ad 1CMC Ad 2WonderFeatured Video TutorialsGuerrilla CG: Subdivision Surfaces Search the Blog Featured Articles I have had no SingSnap issues running on this configuration.Thanks. Love It 1 member loved this LEVEL 82 Reply by RobSTAFF +4 on August 31, 2015 FYI.

For those of you who I've also noticed that the mic level readings do not go higher than halfway up now. The fix that worked for me was to reduce Hardware Acceleration from full to standard acceleration setting by moving slider back one click. [Control Panel - Sounds/Audio Devices - Volume Tab Source

I tried my old one. I have to manually boost the vocals in the mixer as the music background is so much louder now.Have you encountered this same issue? TheGoldenDragon02-29-2004, 03:20 PMHy, i have the following problem. Thanks in advance.Karens_MusicI hear ya, Sister! https://forums.techguy.org/threads/audigy-2-sound-card-help-mic-is-annoying.350728/

My passion is in creating entertaining and educational experiences that changes lives. Thanks and sorry for my english dms120, Apr 19, 2012 #1 o0Ampy0o Forum Member Messages: 598 I have run GR4 using only a mic jack. Maybe there is a new driver coming for Extigy to help.

They are great for multi-track recording (very good actually), but their cards are specialized for music production and don't have some of the consumer-grade features I was wanting. Flash Player and/or Win 10 was not recognizing my "Line-In recording device". Love It 1 2 Next>> Loves About Us | Code of Conduct | Donate | Mobile App | Partners | Copyright | Staff & Volunteers | Terms of Use | Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

I will note that the Samson G Track USB microphone does have a headphone jack for no-latency monitoring that addresses that issue, but it does have another issue that I'll get Max Payne 2 supported Dolby 5.1 and sounded awesome. And actually my timing was impeccable because 4 days after I built my new computer the old computer died completely, forcing me to move all my work over to the new http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/forum/topic/bb1c5ca4 When I ran the wizard and spoke into my mic the bar didn't move at all.

Richie_B4303-23-2004, 07:38 AM

Originally posted by TheGoldenDragon: Hy, i have the following problem.... If you'd like to know why that is a problem, talk with your hands pressed against your ears, and that's what it sounds like when you talk wearing those headphones. Love It 1 member loved this LEVEL 45 Reply by ImthehellmommaraizdGOLD on January 2, 2016 i've got it now. Love It 2 members loved this LEVEL 81 Reply by ArkeosGOLD on September 8, 2015 Realtek handles jack assignment in odd ways sometimes.

Love It 1 member loved this LEVEL 82 Reply by RobSTAFF +4 on September 3, 2015 Realtek handles jack assignment in odd ways sometimes. http://newwikipost.org/topic/Jdhh5dpri4A1LyjlVsRsFe34xteUfDJg/Help-I-have-no-sound-on-my-computer-and-it-is-very-annoying.html when i turn my mic on and talk into it i hear myself through the speakers, and its loud. So I still needed to come up with a solution for my picky recording needs. Very annoying.

Why not get a new sound card, like an M-Audio one for example? this contact form I need to be able to hear my voice through the headphones when recording videos and podcasts to make sure I'm not breathing into the mic, that the volumes is right, for that device. The guitar ri settings are: I can select 3 types of ASIO, both from creative...

Love It LEVEL 48 Edited reply by thecountryoneGOLD on August 21, 2016 Hi guys, having problems with my recordings, the sound is distorted since I have Windows 10, I had no Over the many years I've used it to record video tutorials and recently I've been using that microphone constantly on Skype writing for Hackberry Hollow. small reducer plug on the mixer was bad. have a peek here You might go to Microsoft website and run their compatibility tool.

There wasn't any audible background noise. FYI.For those of you who have gone from Windows Vista to Win7 SP1 to Win 10 like myself on a 6 year old Compaq desktop, I had to backlevel my RealTek Love It Reply by KaraoKateGOLD on December 5, 2015 Well, updated it all and its working!

The SB1550 PCIe x1 audio card (Creative Technology CA10300-IAT) should be fully supported August 2015; it has a hardware mixer for record/stream that is lacking in most competitive products.Marking in Favorites

Don't forget 10 is like lvin breathin beast it elvoves with time Love It LEVEL 2 Reply by XOXChina on November 13, 2015 This reply has been moderated due to violation The problem with wearing these kinds of headphones is that they are so big and comfy they block out all other sound that is not coming from your headphones, including your I will add though that getting a sound card, like the M-audio one, should have a much better signal to noise ratio over the Realtek sound card. What could possibly be wrong?

So as it turns out my Audigy's preamp wasn't very good at all, and the recording quality with the integrated Realtek cards isn't bad provided that you don't use their 10-30 at this point i just see some on audacity... Will this also be in the full game??? Check This Out Hope you understand my question.Looking forward to your answer.