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ATI Radeon 9800 XT Graphics Card HOT! (and Broken Fan)

So, I had my shiny new £260 graphics card all set up. I think I remember reading that you did this? Finally I tried running the game at the same resolution as the desktop and that solved it. I couldn't run the time-demo at 1280x1024 or 1600x1200 cause my Halo did not allow me to select those resolutions (1600x1200 is above my display's specs.) (I'll try to send him have a peek at this web-site

I now have a NV5 silencer on my NVIDIA 6800 which expels the heat out of the G5 via an open PCI slot and the PCI fan no longer operates at I've been in contact with Apple, and they are currently investigating the problem, but so far there is no solution. Mister25-01-2010, 02:49 PMOk. The OEM/Apple shipped nvidia cards are not made by nvidia, they just use their GPUs.-Mike) I was hung up on twice when the woman that answers their phones at their corporate https://forums.techguy.org/threads/ati-radeon-9800-xt-graphics-card-hot-and-broken-fan.710303/

norton_I Ars Praefectus Registered: Apr 30, 2001Posts: 3836 Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 2:29 pm Instead of a heat gun, you could use a toaster oven, a lot of home-brew electronics I tried several sample models of varying complexity and they all seem to be showing up ok. Lemme know what they say, and I'll do the same.. As a sidenote: As a small thank-you for your service to the Mac community, I'm sending you a free unlock code for Hardware Monitor in separate e-mail.

And I've had a lot of trouble. didn't change anything, so i clocked it back to 550MHz. When working in any of the perspective or orthographic windows, I'll see white or green flashes that occur whenever I'm tumbling around in the scene. Running Marine Aquarium 2 at full screen/1600x1200 for 1/2 hour had XRG reporting 75°C GPU temperatures but the PCI fan duty cycle reported was still 49.8%.

From what I'm told, this problem was evident with nVidia cards under MacOSX 10.1, but got fixed in 10.2. ATI has hit the mark with this card and other than a few little irritating problems this card is one of the best on the market. I can get the display to look okay temporarily, but after a reboot the new timings don't seem to work properly. https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/ati-radeon-9800-pro-can-i-do-anything-about-the-insanely-loud-noise.163209/ For you, if you can return it, do so.

I've never really had a problem with GPUs overheating personally, well mainly because most of my cases has good ventilation and I only did a mild overclock. Speed is calculated on the sum of consumptions of PCI slots. (Noted here in comments below I had with him last fall-Mike)Of course, Mac couldn't know that I modified GPU cooling I'm confident that it has been the GPUs at fault.What about southbridge then? yakyb 5th August 2009, 13:20 i had a 6800gt and 3850 die on me due to overheating despite 0 overclock and plenty of case fans Cutter McJ1b 5th August 2009, 14:07

From what I have been reading the cards are 'practically identical. http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/forum/helproom-1/my-new-9800-pro-my-pride-glory-broken-197497/?p=2 A bad psu, underpowered psu are obvious, but how about the actual power coming into your system. Only the 9600XT, 9800XT and 6800 Ultra remain. Though a bit pricey for the everyday gamer and casual web surfer, nothing we have seen can match it's power and features.

is there a fix to be expected from apple or am i left to live with that (or sell the card to someone who either uses the dual link or a Check This Out I am hopeful they will eventually release a firmware update to make the fans a bit less prone to "revving" though. The ATI Remote Wonder has 6 programmable buttons and plug-ins for Gemstar guideplus+ as well as the multi-media library and a power point-plug-in as well. I can't speak for any of the 1x50 cards other than the X1950XTX...

All rights reserved Use of this Site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (effective 3/21/12) and Privacy Policy (effective 3/21/12), and Ars Technica Addendum (effective 5/17/2012) Your California Privacy Rights The It's purely hardware. And aIso the artifacts appear if I move the graphic card"s corner up and down 0.25" (at the opposite moIex pIug ). Source Some of them can seem to be in but aren't actually, and the large coolers block you from seeing that they are actually halfway sticking out.

Time demo files are labeled with the level of FSAA used and only one (labeled) uses High Quality Sound. This was after running the card for 4-6 hours. Basically, the screen display is shifted right by approx. 300 pixels, with the right hand side of the screen wrapping around and appearing garbled on the left hand edge of the

A cheap ups is exactly that, cheap.

Fortunately, I installed on the second disk in my G5, so I still have a working 10.3.9 setup. So once it cools down I disassemble the fan and give the bearing a little grease job and clean the dust and debris off the fan etc. I have found all the ATI cards I've ever had run too hot and easily overheat. I tryed Q3 faiIIed uppon start.

I don't think it's the 6800 -- when I plug a CRT into it, it's fine. About 5% less with the X800.-Mike) and, far worse, i spot garbled pixels all the time, sometimes forming horizontal lines, flickering like white snow. no matter where it is connected. have a peek here I monitored the temperatures for 3 weeks now and everything runs great.

HydraVision, the ATI desk top management tool, will allow you to manage multiple desk tops on the same monitor. It's the stuff from a real air compressor that can be too high pressure. Also, that card works to this very day while all my ATi cards died way before i decided to upgrade them. Direct draw aIso freezes.

A short time later I went with a higher end board and psu as well. Also.. When you turn the assembly over, you should see a metal circle with magnets around the inside. noticeable during long doc scrolling tests, during game tests the game audio tends to mask it depending on the volume level of the game).

It had stock cooling with one of these crappy 40mm (if that) fans on it. Interface on Back Panel Connector (s) Used Multimedia Equipment DVI-I DVI-I to VGA connector CRT Monitor DVI-I None Digital Flat Panel Display CATV None Cable, Antenna A/V IN Video/audio input block Activating the Hardware Render Buffer window is also possible, but there seem to be issues with certain preference attributes that prevent hardware rendering from occurring. Mister25-01-2010, 12:32 PMHey So today I removed all my components from my computer, gave them a quick clean with some compressed air, replaced Thermal Grease and installed a new CPU heatsink.

C-Sniper 6th August 2009, 03:42 I put a massive Overclock on a Radeon 9550 once and that caused problems when I ran games at full settings (it was passively cooled too! I'd not have expected that normally (assuming there's no card flaw and connections are good and tight, etc.) BTW - if the noise/display issues are due to the graphics card a Sound Quality is set to High and Sound Variety is Set to High. http://www.blargatron-systems.com/?s=blog&a=151547531 -Sam " The above link includes notes on creating 10.3.5 boot discs using BootCD.

Works great, WoW is wonderful again.